Tight Buffer Distribution PVC/LSZH Jacket Cable
This cable is suitable for aerial, pipeline and bracket installation for indoor and outdoor usage
Aarmed strength members reduce weight for longer span length .
Distribution Cables consist of color-coded PVC tight bufferred fibers .These are reinforecd
These are reinforecd with araimid yard for superior strength and contains no metallic elements.
These are overjacketed with Flame Retardant PVC or Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH)
  tight buffered fiber optic cable
Machanical Characteristic:
minimum bend radius:
Under installation: 15 × D
During operation:10 × D
Temperature Range:
Operating/Storage: -40 ℃to +70℃ ; Installation: -20℃ to +70℃
Impact Resistance: 25 times
Twist(torsion): 2m × 10cycles
Repeated Bending: 20D × 25cycles
Machanical Reference:
Fiber Count

Nominal Weight (Kg/Km) Nominal Outer Diameter (mm) Maximum Pulling Load Crush resistance (N/cm) Maximum Vertical Rise (m)
Pulling (N) Operating (N)
2-6 20 5.5 660 220 50 250
8-12 30 6.0 660 220 50 190
* The specification is subject to change pursuant to new development. According to the
requirements of order, other construction could be proposed.














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